Since our first shoot together, Quigley and I have been looking to collaborate again. Something bigger and better than the last time and this time we wanted to include a brand as well. We were super stoked to have the wonderful ladies at For Love & Lemons provide wardrobe for us to shoot in. We decided to pair these looks with the backdrop at Salvation Mountain. Since I like to shoot backlit I decided we would need to shoot at sunrise rather than sunset. All three of us spent the night just outside of Salvation Mountain and set our alarms for 5am. The vibrant colors at Salvation Mountain made for some killer images. On our way back to LA, we passed by these rolling hills that I knew we had to shoot on as we still had some leftover wardrobe to shoot in. Somehow we managed to figure our way out there on a dirt road and wound up on top of these beautiful hills with LA in the background. Easily one of my favorite shoots to date.

Wardrobe - For Love & Lemons
Jewelry -
Child of Wild
Hats - Gladys Tamez Millinery
MUA/Hair -
Rosie Sanchez
Model -

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